Les ateliers olfactifs

Les ateliers olfactifs

As a sensory journey in the heart of the finest raw materials, Téo Cabanel’s workshops “Les Chroniques Olfactives” reveal you a touch of magic of French Haute Parfumerie.

Preambule, Confidences or Signature, three choices to uncover mysteries of fragrance creation.

Atelier “Préambule” – 1h

A first initiation into the world of perfume. Here you will discover the universe of Teo Cabanel, as well as the key elements of perfumery. You will be given useful advice and a few precious clues to guide your quest for the elusive scent that says “you”. Within the rarefied walls of our Boudoir,

this baptism of fragrances will take you through the first stage of your apprenticeship..

Public workshop: 35€

Private workshop : on request

Atelier “Confidence” – 3h

Discover the heart of the perfumer’s secrets in our Confidences Workshop! In the space of a morning session, you will explore the precious essences which go into our perfumes.

From citrus extracts with a hint of ambergris to the queen of flowers, the fragrances in our collection will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Public workshop : 98€

Private workshop : on request


Atelier “signature” – 1 journée

Penetrate the mysteries of creation in our Signature Workshop! Discover the essential essences used to make perfume and then develop your own personal fragrance! You will spend an unforgettable day “backstage” at the Teo Cabanel perfumery, learning and practising! – what perfumers do to create their bewitching scents.

Public workshop : 210€

Private workshop : on request


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