of a Beautiful Perfume

We are passionate…

 Passionate about beautiful perfumery, the one that took its time and highlighted the beautiful raw materials. In fact, perfumery before it got carried away and became nothing more than a whirlwind of launches devoid of any creativity and lacking in quality.

We thought we shouldn't be the only ones to no longer believe in perfume, to no longer feel the need to wear perfume and that like us, you must want something else .

It is believed that perfume is essential to well-being , as much as a session of yoga, sports or meditation can be. It acts on your morale, calms the spleen, soothes the mind, stimulates endorphins! So we wanted to convince you to (re)put perfume in your lives, to use it and abuse it!

And to achieve this... We decided to prove that another way existed. We wanted to do what others don't , shake up the codes of perfumery so that you no longer have to ignore perfume or choose between a #beauparfum and a good perfume.

We wanted to prove that you can have a #beauparfum , "clean" and well done at a fair price! We refused to sacrifice the beautiful for the benefit of the good and the good. We wanted it all at the same time. For us, a perfume must celebrate "the Good, the Good & the Beautiful".

We believe that a perfume should make you smile and that the pleasure of wearing your perfume also depends on the beauty of the product you use. We believe that a perfume should be beautiful, good for the planet and those who wear it while being (well) made with love, in France.
We wanted perfumes that bring together the most beautiful raw materials, safe perfumes, with real staying power. We wanted a clean but also addictive and feelgood routine.

We imagined #beautifulparfums* for real life. Perfumes adapted to your daily life, easy to wear on any occasion, that give you real emotions and celebrate who you are, because deep down that's what we love with perfume, isn't it?

So, are you ready to join the #happypeopleuseperfume movement?

But what is a #beauparfum* ?
For us…

01. A #beauparfum is the fruit of nature.

Nature is full of beautiful raw materials! We wanted to highlight them, use the most precious of them by requiring true traceability . We always favor the use of ingredients in their natural state rather than their synthetic versions. We nevertheless allow ourselves the use of synthetic ingredients when they are GOOD and necessary for the beautiful balance of the perfume. Or, when their natural version does not seem to us to be made with respect for the producers and our ethics .

02. A #beauparfum is responsible.

We have chosen to favor recyclable and reusable packaging , made with recycled cardboard and paper, vegetable inks and glues, recycled and recyclable materials. 90% of our components are French and the remaining 10% are Italian. We always choose to promote local jobs, to call on the closest resources to limit our carbon footprint. Our transport processes are designed to minimize our ecological impact.

03. A #beauparfum simply has to be beautiful.

A beautiful perfume must be presented in a beautiful bottle. Why have to choose between beautiful raw materials and a pretty bottle? We believe that it is by offering you perfumes with an irreproachable composition and presented in the most beautiful cases that we will make you want to put perfume in your lives! We have therefore created for you bottles and packaging with a neat design and we have given them the most beautiful finishes .

04. A #beauparfum is rich

Our formulas are rich , generous, full of nuances and bring together a very large number of ingredients . This is what makes them unique and exceptional. It is this richness that allows our fragrances to reveal all their facets over the hours, to personalize themselves by adapting to each type of skin. Let yourself be surprised, they will surprise you!

05. A #beauparfum is made in France with love.

For us, a beautiful perfume is French ! We want to perpetuate, promote and highlight French know-how . The selection of raw materials, the manufacture and the maceration of the juices are carried out in Grasse (cradle of French perfumery, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its perfume-related know-how). Bottling and boxing is entrusted to 2 workshops: one located a few kilometers from our offices and the other less than 150 km away.

06. A #beauparfum must be unique.

We are committed to creating rare and original perfumes, standing out from what current perfumery offers today. Our collection of perfumes is the result of total creative freedom . Far from commercial considerations, we allow ourselves rare materials and new accords for perfumes with a real personality .

07. A #beauparfum is a personal perfume.

We want to offer you new scents, borrowed from originality, intimate, for a more personal trail. Your perfume should boost your daily life and your mood. It influences your well-being and must therefore be in perfect harmony with your personality and your state of mind. It must follow your emotions . Every woman, every man, deserves a perfume that looks like her.

08. A #beauparfum has excellent staying power.

Whether you are looking for a signature scent or a more personal trail, a beautiful perfume should accompany you throughout the day . It is the combination of the richness of our formulas in raw materials and a long maceration that gives our perfumes their irreproachable olfactory power. Let them evolve on your skin and judge their tenacity!

09. A #beautifulperfume takes time.

A beautiful perfume takes time : the time to do well, the time to let the essences mingle, balance each other and reveal their personality. We therefore made the choice to respect long maceration periods in order to allow our fragrances to improve . We especially want to take this precious time!