I am the 4th in a line of inspiring, independent and passionate women

The creator

I am the 4th in a line of inspiring, independent and passionate women. The daughter of an Irish father as much enthusiastic businessman as epicurean adventurer. I have always been impatient and driven by a true entrepreneurial spirit. A father who, by his untimely death, awoke within me the urgent need to excel, to pursue my dreams just a few months after leaving university, convincing me that I too should adopt his credo :
“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness”.

I was 22 years old when the remarkable Téo Cabanel inheritence came without warning... I remember the unexpected feeling of being suddenly responsible for a unique family know-how. And to be inhabited by the sole desire to perpetuate it. It took time to better familiarize myself with the fragrance world, to understand, to sense and feel both perfumes and their raw materials... A few weeks later I arrived in Grasse, inexperienced, to meet Jean-François Latty… I now fully realize the chance I had to learn by his side. Driven by his desire to pass on, he was one of the most committed ambassadeurs to beautiful perfumery.

I thought only of perfume – I had fallen into the potion of a universe as magical as it was exciting

Whilst at the same time realizing... 
That 80% of the cost of a luxury perfume is dedicated to advertising. That niche perfumes are way too expensive to my mind. Why should one have to spend between 200 and 300€ to own a so-called niche perfume which is unique, long lasting and made only from exquisite natural raw materials ? I also discovered that the perfume world is cold, distant, destabilizing, intimidating. That it is difficult to cross the threshold of a fragrance house without feeling lost and overwhelmed… I also had the impression that niche perfumes were reserved for connoisseurs only.

However, I know that, just like a sport or yoga session or a meditation, perfume directly influences our psycho-emotional balance. It unwinds, soothes, boosts energy and uplifts spirits. 

Perfume is essential to our well-being. I, therefore wanted to help you put it back at the heart of your lives. #happypeopleuseperfume

To make it possible, things had to be done differently and especially more simply. It was necessary to communicate plainly, to be more transparent, to do better, to be closer to you, to leave you time to discover, learn about our perfumes and have confidence in our products. But also, to offer perfumes that are well made, good for you and for the planet, at a fair price. 

My wish? Inspire you, make you want to wear them by offering new, original, easy to use perfumed « routines ». 

This is only possible by eliminating TV ads, posters in the metro, doing without a well-known top model and by choosing to invest in the product itself. Reducing the middle men, communicating with you directly, limiting our distribution channels to a select network of partners felt key to me. It seemed to be the only way to respect the initial commitment of our perfume house: offer you unique formulas for beautiful perfumes at fair prices.

It is all these reasons which were the starting point for Téo Cabanel’s renaissance and the ensuing choices: expertise, transparency, simple and relaxed luxury, at the same time choosing the planet and true excellence.

Today, there is the desire… a whole-hearted desire to shake things up and even more so the habits of a perfume sector which has become too impersonal. A desire to return to the values of this beautiful perfume house whilst bringing a new vision, profoundly creative and guided by my personal convictions.

Our vision
I want a joyous, uncomplicated, accessible, transparent and clean perfume.  A perfume that will make you smile.

I want #beauxparfums, well-made, that make you want to wear them, to put them at the heart of your daily routine, to reveal your « Je ne sais quoi ».  #Beauxparfums that will bring you that touch of magic and well-being to spice up your days. 

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