Our story

A family story

Our perfume house heritage dates back to the end of the 19th century. Back in 1893 when Théodore Cabanel was a chemist, he began composing precious Eaux de Cologne and Quintessence for handkerchiefs. With the help of his wife Méloé, he created hundreds of formulas. Their boutique then became one of the most popular perfume shop in Paris. Thus began the story of our perfume house. 

In the 30's, their only daughter devoted herself to raising her parents' know-how. An avant-garde, independent Parisian woman, with a strong personality. She travelled and met creators and artists in vogue. 

She perfectly embodied that «French Touch» which characterizes Téo Cabanel and became indispensable to those in search of a unique perfumer. Thus she crossed several decades, imposing the Cabanel style from the beginning of the 60's to the end of the 80's.  A self-confident style which was already committed to offering the most #beautifulperfumes at a fair price.

The Revival of Téo Cabanel

In the early 2000s, Caroline Ilacqua inherit the perfume house. She is 22. She rediscovers the story of the Cabanel family and their perfume formulas. She immerse herself in the the most beautiful raw materials. She uncovers photos from the archives, letters from clients and became fully conscious of this story of women entrepreneurs. Driven by this magical heritage, by the uniqueness of this house and the authenticity of its mission, she decides to continue the adventure.

She travels to Grasse, the cradle of French perfumery. Here, she is introduced to Jean-François Latty, a grand parfumeur and creator of renowed perfumes such as  Givenchy III, Jazz d’Yves Saint Laurent, Eau Dynamisante de Clarins. It is on a Sunday afternoon, in one of those lovely Provencal houses hidden in the heart of the hills, that a fresh page of the Téo Cabanel story is written. They establish a deep relationship which lead them to the creation of the first 10 perfumes of our collection.  

Caroline and Jean-François share a love of #beauxparfums* and a desire to offer a different type of perfumery, true to the original values of the brand. A perfumery which would marry « le bon** » and « le beau**» at fair prices. A perfumery which would do good, respecting nature and all those who love her.

Our mission
To put perfume back at the heart of your lives !