History of the House
by Teo Cabanel Perfume

I relaunched Téo Cabanel driven by the desire to offer you #beautifulperfumes, well made and at a fair price. Fragrances that do good, that respect the planet and those who wear them.

Interview with Caroline Ilacqua 

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A family story

The heritage of our house dates back to the end of the 19th century. It was in 1893 that Théodore Cabanel, then a medical chemist, distinguished himself by composing precious Eau de Cologne and Quintessences for Handkerchiefs. With his wife Méloé, he created hundreds of formulas. Their Parisian boutique then became one of the most fashionable addresses in the capital. This is how the story of our perfume house begins.

From the 1930s, it was their only daughter who perpetuated the family know-how. Singular woman for the time, free, Parisian with an asserted personality, she travels, meets creators and artists in vogue.

She marvelously embodies this "French Touch" so characteristic of Téo Cabanel and thus imposes herself on a public in search of a confidential and original perfumer.

It will thus cross several decades, imposing the Cabanel style from the beginning of the 60s to the end of the 80s. A style already very assertive and committed behind the simple desire to offer the most beautiful perfumes at a fair price.

Théodore and his daughter in the fields of orange trees

The Renewal of Teo Cabanel

It was in the early 2000s that Caroline Ilacqua inherited the house. She is 22 years old. She immerses herself in the history of the Cabanel family and the formula books. She tames the finest raw materials.

Duchess of Windsor Ticket

She finds archive photos, customer testimonials and becomes aware of this story of women entrepreneurs.

Driven by this magical heritage, by the uniqueness of this house and the authenticity of its commitment, she decided to continue writing it. She then left for Grasse, the cradle of fine French perfumery. He was introduced to Jean-François Latty, a great perfumer and creator of perfumes such as Givenchy III, Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent, Eau Dynamisante by Clarins.

And it was on a Sunday afternoon, in one of these pretty Provençal houses nestled in the heart of the Grasse hills, that the new page in the history of Teo Cabanel was written.

A deep bond is established between them which will lead him to the creation of the first 10 perfumes of our collection. Caroline and Jean-François share the taste for #beautifulparfums and the desire to offer another perfumery faithful to the original values ​​of the house. A perfumery that brings together the good and the beautiful at fair prices. A perfumery that would do good, that would respect nature and those who love it.

 Our mission ?

You (re)make you want to put perfume in your lives!