The art of perfume

Our tips for choosing, storing and wearing your perfume !

How best to use perfume ?

Your perfume will reveal its best notes on your naked skin or at your pulse points. During
the day, you can also vaporise your perfume onto your clothes – this will
accentuate and make your perfume linger. It is even recommended to spray jacket
lapels or skirt hems which give off your perfume most effectively. Your perfume
is also amplified by materials such as 100% wool, cotton, cashmire or velvet.
However, take care to hold the vaporiser 20 cms away from your clothing and
avoid light fabrics. Do not vaporise furs or coats as you run the risk of
stains ; these fabrics also hoard base notes to the point of dilution.
Don’t forget to remove perles (necklaces, bracelets…) before applying your perfume
– they will not resist. Finally, do not rub your wrists together after having
used the perfume – this reduces the top notes.

How to choose a perfume ?

It all depends on your skin because from one person to the next, our skin has its own smell, a unique ph which influences a perfume’s character. You must therefore try a perfume, vaporise a small amount onto your inner wrist. This will give you a preview. Wait 5 minutes for your own body heat to act and smell your wrists again. Thus you can begin to better discern the whole perfume ; to seize the middle & base notes and not just the top notes. Do not try too many perfumes at the same time. This way, you will be able to appreciate each perfume on your skin and make the right choice for yourself.

How best to keep my perfume ?

Well-made perfumes age well, but they do not gain any particular properties by being aged. After opening, a light oxydation takes place. This oxydation is naturally faster when the bottle is left open after use. Avoid placing your flacons in strong sunlight or above central heating. Choose therefore another place to keep your perfume rather than above the radiator or under the mirror spotlights.

Can I combine perfumes ? Superimpose them ?

Everything is possible! If you wish to try « layering », go for it! There are no rules when you experiment. Use your intuition whilst at the same time following your desires and your olfactive identity. We advise you to be careful and to take it step by step. Here are some tips to avoid disaster : - firstly, apply the strongest perfume first and then the lightest. In this way, the headiest scent will not smother the lightest. - only superimpose two perfumes at any one time, - avoid mixing two fragrances which both have strong personalities. Finally, here are some associations which work well together : - vanilla and spices - fruits and flowers - citrus and gourmets - different floral notes together

Why can I no longer smell my perfume ?

Our brain generates this surprising reaction. Indeed, it only responds to new smells which it identifies as danger. So long as the perfume smell is new, our brain enables us to smell it. After a while our brain no longer detects the smell as a danger but as a nice and comforting smell. At that moment, we can no longer smell our perfume. This is olfactive adaptation. The brain simply classifies our perfume as non dangerous information and becomes less receptive to it. This is why, even if your perfume is as long-lasting as the very first day, you have the impression that you can no longer smell it ! Family and friends will continue to enjoy it! 😉

Are there perfumes for men and perfumes for women ? Do perfumes have a gender?

Our perfumes are all unisex. They are non-gender. Perfume takes on its full dimension on your skin, you make it yours. We therefore believe that a perfume should be non-binary, it should be neutral and it is not reserved for a specific age or style. We should all be free to find a perfume which ressembles us. We believe that we must go beyond the stereotypes set by classical perfumery ; it’s up to you to make our perfumes your own, to choose the one that reassures you, provokes your emotions and best defines your personnality, matches your desires.

Top, heart and base notes ? What are these ?

All perfumes are created in accordance with an olfactive pyramid which balances the recipe and creates harmony. This pyramid also graduates the evaporation of the notes. Thus, perfumes do not reveal themselves fully in the first few minutes. They reveal their facettes and personality over a few minutes. After spraying, you will therefore first smell the top notes. These are often fresh and will only last a few minutes. Whilst they evaporate, the heart notes reveal themselves. These are the ones that will stay on your skin for around 2 hours. The base notes are those that will stay with you throughout the day (or the night 😉). These are the ones that will also stay on your clothes and accessories.

Can I wear perfume in the sun ?

Using your favourite perfume in the summer can lead to skin reactions during UV exposure. Often, it is molecules such as bergamot or lemon essential oils which can make one’s skin sensitive to light. So, how to avoid this ? In the daytime, perfume the parts of your skin which are the least exposed, such as your neck, behind your ears or the inside of your clothing. And wear more perfume in the evening.

For how long can I keep my perfume after opening ?

We recommend renewing your perfume every six months and to not keep it longer than one year if you make minimal usage only.

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The art of perfuming

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