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An update on our sustainable actions and objectives.

Where are your accessories made ?

Our Jacquard textile accessories are 100% French. Woven, made and embroidered in France. Our scarves are made in Italy. Our candles are handmade in our Fontainebleau workshop.

Which alcohol is used in your perfumes?

All our perfumes are made from organic wheat alcohol. It is therefore 100% vegetable and organic alcohol – free from pesticides.

Why have you maintained cellophane on your products ?

Cellophane protects our perfumes from small snags or dirt which can often occur during the various handlings (in shops or warehouses). A protective film is what ensures that you receive the product in perfect condition. It is also a guarantee for you that the perfume has not been opened by anyone else. For all of these reasons, we are commited to looking for solutions which enable us to keep cellophane. We have opted for cellophane manufactured from wood cellulose - biodegradable and compostable – so without any impact on the planet !

Why do some perfumes change colour from one production to another ?

Our perfumes are largely made from natural raw materials, all of which are plant materials coming from nature. Their colour depends on production, which in turn will evolve depending on meterological factors. Indeed, the temperature, the amount of sunlight as well as rainfall can have a direct impact on production and thus on the colour of the essential oils.

Do your perfumes have « clean » componants ?

Our perfume formulas respect your skin. We want safe products. For this reason, our products do not contain any colorants or UV filtres. Nor any parabens or phthalates. Most importantly, they are made from organic wheat alcohol. Finally, they benefit from a short allergen list (INCI).

What can I do with my empty bottles ?

We have put in place a recycling programme for our glass bottles and for our zamac and bio-resine covers. We suggest you return these to our boutiques which will entitle you to a 15% reduction on the purchase price of your next perfume. We are currently unable to provide you with a recycling system via the postal service but are looking into it.

How do you deal with the impact of packaging ?

As you know, at Téo Cabanel, we love everything that is beautiful ! We just cannot send you your perfume in simple packaging. We have chosen to create attractive boxes which also protect your perfume and accessories during transportation. Nevertheless, we are taking action to reduce their environmental impact. All our boxes are made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. We use paper not plastic tape and are reducing the size of our packaging and wedging inside. We especially want to be able to offer you beautiful boxes and encourage you to keep them and reuse them – turn the box inside out to store your personal items. You can also recycle it for your personal mailings !

What is the INCI list ? What does it say ?

INCI is the abbreviation for « International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredient ». This list has to appear on each cosmetic product and describes its composition. It highlights possible irritant, allergic or dangerous ingredients. At Téo Cabanel we have banished all controversial ingredients and have at heart to use only healthy formulas. Most of the ingredients in our INCI list are allergens. They do not come from synthetic raw materials and are not willingly added to our products. Majoritarily, they are present in the natural raw materials which make up our perfumes. For example, geraniol is a significant part of rose essence and is also present in geranium and lemon citrus oils. As is citronellol which is present in these same essentiel oils.

Which synthetic ingredients do you use in your perfumes ?

The synthetic molecules we use are carefully chosen and added to the composition only when they are truly necessary. Occasionnally, we choose to showcase a « new » synthetic raw material, daring and original, a new olfactive experience that we want to share with you. In this case, we make sure that this material is clean and biodegradable. For example, for musks, we hesitated to use them as they are often poorly bio-degradable. We therefore studied them one by one to put aside those which were not clean enough and selected the most clean and biodegradable. New « clean » proposals are emerging and we would like to give ourselves the opportunity to explore them. Finally, sometimes we find that a natural raw material is not made to our ethical standards. In this case, we prefer to use its synthetic version. We will of course take the time to explain our choice, in complete transparency.

What steps are you taking to make Téo Cabanel a sustainable and responsible Brand?

Our transport and manufacturing processes are designed to minimize our ecological impact. All e-shop purchases are sent out via La Poste to minimize their carbon footprint. Indeed, La Poste is the first major postal operator to ensure full carbon neutrality of its services. For larger shipments, we only use eco-responsible delivery companies that commit to minimizing the impact of their activities on the environment. Our Paris boutique was thought out and designed in an eco-responsible manner. We have chosen materials which respect the environment. These materials are majoritarily French and contain no harmful products. The layout (furniture and POS) are 100% Made in France. Our shops are not air-conditionned. Like our offices and warehouses, the shops function via green electricity supplied by Enercoop.

Is it true that ‘natural’ is not necessarily best for the planet ?

Unfortunately, there is still no perfect solution. Synthesis has improved but is still not perfect. Natural comes from the earth and thus reassures. But if one looks closely, there are still gray areas. Natural raw materials of course have a carbon footprint. Grown in all four corners of the world, they have to travel to reach us here. Without them, we could not create perfumes and obviously not all of them can grow in France or even in Europe ! We have chosen to offset our carbon footprint by committing to various environmental associations. There is also the question of yield and over exploitation of the earth, as well as working conditions on the farms. But natural raw materials are also a source of employment ; they encourage the local economy. We are very attentive and commit to remaining scrupulous and responsable in our choices. Each of the materials that we select for our perfumes is evaluated in accordance with four criteria : quality, traceability, eco-responsability and ethics. Only then can we offer you the best option. Once again, it is all about searching for the right balance. It is thus that we can offer you «clean» perfumes.

Why do so few perfume houses offer long-lasting natural perfumes ?

Creating a perfume with long lasting properties using natural raw materials is highly technical. Natural raw materials are also more expensive than synthetic ones. Driven by the constant goal of improving their profit margin, perfume houses have little by little replaced natural raw materials with synthetic ones. For example, the price of 1kg of rose essential oil (such as the one used in the majority of our perfumes) varies between 6 000 & 7 000€s/per kilo. These prices reflect the scarecity of these products but also their low yield. Indeed, one needs 3 to 5 tonnes of rose petals in order to obtain 1L of essential oils. At Téo Cabanel, we choose to give pride of place to nature and not worry about cost. We systematically select the finest quality natural raw materials. We always prefer natural to synthetic. When a natural material exists and meets all our ethical and sustainable criteria, we always use it, regardless of cost. We will never use its synthetic version.

Is your packaging eco-responsible ?

We are committed to creating clean, recyclable and re-usable packaging. The boxes The cardboard used for all our boxes is manufactured and processed in France, with 91,04% recycled fibres. The covering paper is made from 80% FSC certified recycled fibres and 20% FSC pure cellulose. The foam is biodegreable and recyclable. The printing ink is vegetable based, as is the glue. In addition, we strive to present our perfumes in beautiful boxes to make you want to keep them and store your small everyday objects & treasures ! The bottles Our flacons are made from glass. Glass is a wholly eco-responsible material because it can be reused and recycled infinitely. We work with one of the largest glass manufacturers certified ISO 14001, who is strongly committed to sustainable development. Their productions are carried out in a responsible manner aimed at minimizing environmental impact whilst constantly striving to improve : reduction of water consumption, use of green energies, investment in electric ovens to gradually replace gas-emitting ones. The caps The covers of our « Les Expressions Parfumées » collection are made from bio-resin (bio-sourced plant origin resin) ; the result of highly skilled development. All our covers are made in France, in the Jura region, by an ISO 14001 workshop wholly committed to sustainable development. We made a choice to use two distinct materials for our covers. For our « Les Instants Parfumés » collection, the covers are made from eco-zamac, in Italy. Eco-zamac is an alloy made from 100% recycled zamac. The varnish used on these covers is water-based. No chemical solvent is used in the making of our covers. It is believed that the manufacturing processes used to produce our eco-zamac covers reduces CO2 emissions by 33% : 37% less water, 45% less gas and 13% less energy. For information, zamac is an alloy made of 95% zinc and the remaining 5% from copper, alluminium and magnesium in varying proportions. To note that these minerals are not only infinitely recyclable but are also entirely natural raw materials. The bottle labels 100% eco-responsble, they do not contain any plastic. They are made in France using wood residue and green energy. The sprays We have chosen the most environmentally friendly pump model, i.e., without POM. The manufacturer has also committed to using less materials for our pump – the material usage is -33% on the spray model. The textile pouches Our textile pouches are a jacquard made from recycled cotton-polyester mix. They are woven by a company implanted in the Lyon area. The fabrics made there are among the cleanest on the planet. Resolutely committed to sustainable development, our manufacturer is one of the originators of the Alter-tex sector (French responsible textile sector). They are also GOTS certified and recognised Origine France Garantie. The cord is made from organic cotton. These pouches are made in France by a workshop located in the Centre region.

Where are your perfumes and accessories made ?

Our perfumes are 100% French. To manufacture in France is to contribute to preserving French know-how. It also means supporting our great businesses and being able to offer you quality products.

Why do you not offer 100% natural perfumes?

At Téo Cabanel, we are committed to « beaux parfums » and we have thus made the choice of an equal balance between natural and synthetic. We are passionate about natural beauty but we also wish to highlight new and beautiful synthetics - the ones that are clean and in accordance with our values. (lien vers nos engagements). Don’t forget that synthesis is very precious for the perfumer. It is essential to achieve a balanced perfume. It gives the perfume finesse, character and long-lasting properties. In a perfume, synthetic materials serve natural materials – they enhance them ! Synthesis also offers the possibilty to reproduce olfactive notes that do not have a natural equivalent. Such is the case for certain flowers (hyacinth, lily of the valley…), fruits (apricot, strawberry…) and wood (cashemire, cashmeran…) but also food flavourings (almond, chocolate…) and atmospheres (marine notes, cut grass etc). Synthesis has also enabled the remplacement of animal notes crucial to the perfumer’s palette. Previously used in their natural state, notes such as ambergris, musk, civet and castoreum are today banned substances. They have been replaced by their synthetic equivalent. Here therefore, sythesis has a protective role. We also priviledge natural ingredients over synthetic ones. Out of the question to chose a synthetic rose or jasmine when we have the most beautiful roses and jasmins at our disposal ! However, a synthetic raw material can be more ethical than its natural equivalent. In this case, we will not hesitate to use the synthetic. It is thus a veritable quest for the right balance, the one that enables us to offer you « clean » perfumes, good for you and best for the planet.

How do you fix your prices ?

Our aim is to offer you the most beautiful perfumes at the fairest possible prices. By reducing intermediaries, by limiting our distribution channels to select partners, and by accepting much lower profit margins than the market average, we can offer you the fairest prices. These prices can only be fair if they remain stable and are not subject to large discounts. Which is why we never offer huge reductions.

Where do you produce your perfume componants?

To make a #beauparfum, we need the most exquisite raw materials. These ingredients come from all over the world. They are essential to us. We are particularly attentive to their traceability, their quality and the manner in which they are made. We are always challenging our perfumers to find the most virtuous and ethical raw materials. Concerning our bottles and boxes, we work with suppliers who share our quality and environmental commitments. These manufacturers are either French (90%) or Italian (10%). We are highly vigilant in our choice of partners. We are particularly vigilant that they share our vision of what the company of tomorrow should be : a company committed to human development, environmental protection and real economic sustainability.

What do you do to encourage recycling ?

Recycling is one of the main levers to reduce the environmental impact of perfume houses. We have put in place a collection programme for your empty Téo Cabanel bottles (see instructions in answer below). The articles collected are returned to our partner firm (situated only a few kilometers from our logistics centre) who is responsible for processing them and then provides us with a tracking slip confirming their recycling. We have also developed packaging which is wholly or partially made from recycled and recyclable raw materials. We are constantly looking for more ways to improve our commitment in this regard.

What is your opinion on animal-based raw materials ? Are your products vegan?

Our perfumes do not contain any animal substances. We refuse all ingredients which may have been tested on animals. We do not carry out any animal testing, which is forbidden in Europe since 2013.

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